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Welcome to Dance Scottish in Bristol!

...a most friendly club of people in Bristol who take great pleasure and fun from Scottish Country Dancing... be active... engage the mind... enjoy the company of others...

New to our club? More here. We welcome beginners and experienced dancers.

You don't need to be Scottish, 
you don't need a partner,
and you don't need a kilt,
just a pair of soft soled shoes and a desire to dance.

Interested in coming to our dances and dance classes? For more information about Scottish Country Dancing and other local clubs, see our Links page.  


Is dancing good for you?

BBC2's Trust Me I'm a Doctor investigated the effect of dancing and singing on the feel-good chemicals in your body. They found dancing increased endocannabinoids by 21%, accompanied by an improvement in mood. Here's the video. Why not come along and try it?

New to Scottish Country Dancing?

We welcome new dancers for the first half of the Thursday evening dance classes in Bristol, from
7:30pm to the break (15mins between 8:30 and 9pm). Please stay for the break, as this is an
opportunity to get to know us a little better before departing. This is also when fees are taken - £2.50 per dance class for New Dancers. Our classes and most of our dances are at St Monica's in Henleaze, Bristol

Already a dancer or member?

Find out here what's going on: our dance classes and social dances and Day School

Circle four hands round