Digital Grapevine emails

15 Jan 2019 Laura Hunter
Here is a link to where you can add a google map entry -

16 Jan 2019 Claire Chappell
I sent an enquiry to Media Marmot regarding an SSL certificate and the costs are below.  It might be more cost effective to move the website to Refresh in Yate as they include a free SSL certificate with their hosting (total £75+VAT per year).  Where are your emails hosted?

16 Jan 2019 Laura Hunter
If you move to Refresh they include unlimited email accounts with the domain name (e.g.: included with the hosting. They can provide information as to how to configure smartphone/email clients to use it.  Probably a lot easier that having forwarders and using a different email for outgoing.  They can advise if you decide to go ahead with them.

16 Jan 2019 Media Marmot
Yes you can purchase a certificate through us (details below). 
SSL Certificate Features
Fully installed and configured
128-bit to 256-bit SSL encryption
2048 bit root strength
Secures both www and non-www
Powered by Global Sign
RRP £70 per year (£58.33 ex VAT)
Current Discount - £60 per year (£50 ex VAT)
Please note purchasing an SSL Certificate does include server installation, but you will need to configure your website to use https rather than http. Costs are annual and in addition to your annual hosting costs.   
Alternatively, you can use Cloud Flare to setup a free Shared SSL certificate which would be compatible but uses a different method of encryption. To set this up you need to register a new account with CloudFlare and update your nameservers they provide you via your Media Marmot account. More information available here:   
Please let me know if you want to proceed and the domain you wish to use, and I will send over an invoice for this order.


28 Feb 2019 Claire Chappell

It is good to hear from you.  No worries about any delays.  Although the date has passed on the quote it is still valid.  Just let us know after your meeting whether you would like to go ahead.

In terms of hosting just bear in mind that Media Marmot charge extra for an SSL certificate as you discussed with Laura by email.  You will need an SSL certificate if you are taking information through the website and it is also a Google ranking factor.  Google favours websites that are secure with SSL.  We have an article on our website about it .  With that in mind the Refresh option will be more cost effective but obviously that is something you can discuss with the committee.